Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The rise of the irresponsible and ignorant political class is undeniable.  These politicians seek power with simplistic offers of plenty backed up with commitments to militarism. They ignore the environmental armageddon they inflict on the poor and the weak who have no chance of fighting back. Their messages appeals to many during times of crisis and uncertainty.

In many powerful nations, the idiot political class is in the ascendancy. The US political landscape is swinging towards the Republicans, many of whom refuse to accept climate change. This is an outrage to the thousands of people across the planet, in particular the very poor, who have lost loved ones through climate catastrophe. They are as likely to feel as aggrieved with the developed world, as the developed world did with Al Qaeda  when they attacked the Twin Towers.

The world can not take the risk that strategic nuclear forces could eventually come under the commanded of members of the idiot political class and they have lost the moral right to determine the future of the planet.

Simple correlation analysis, that is within the capability of most secondary school children, is all that is needed to show climate change is happening today. Correlating CO2 and temperature together since 1957, when accurate CO2 measurements started, shows 80% of the temperature change can be accounted for by the increasing CO2.

Atmospheric CO2 is far beyond any historical levels that have been seen for the past 1 millon years. We know that the planetary systems work with CO2 in a range upto 300 ppm. We have absolutely no evidence that the planetary systems upon which we depend will continue to function at the current level of CO2

Our CO2 emissions are increasing 50% faster than the worst case scenario in the IPCC report which will lead to an unimaginably catastrophic warming of at least 6 deg C by the end of this century.